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Sailor Moon Stuff!

We've decided to post a few Sailor Moon items. Take a look.

This is the first volume of the Sailor Moon manga series. Of course this is a great read. It is in great condition aside from the book being bent (as shown in the picture). It sits fine on a book shelf and aside from that and a little bit of shelf wear, there is nothing wrong with it. $20

This is an AniManga of the first three episodes of the Sailor Moon anime series. The dust cover shows wear and is in decent condition. $5

The Meet Sailor Mercury: Ice book. This is a great book for Mercury fans and Sailor Moon fans in general. I got this along with some Sailor Moon manga that I ordered not too long ago but I'm not a big fan of Mercury. $5

I would just like to inform everyone who has ordered from us or has contacted us about orders recently that we need you to direct your e-mails to our LiveJournal account for now. We cannot log into our e-mail account and cannot get a hold of any customers because of this. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

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