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Hello all and welcome to kthnx_buy!

After years of expanding our anime and manga collections and realizing that maybe we had too much, we decided to sell many of the books and DVDs in our collections. There are two of us here selling our stuff and we hope that everyone can find something they like. Our manga and anime range in genre, from popular to lesser known. The items posted here are all in great condition. Many of the items look as though they were purchased from the store and never read.


We ship through USPS (unless a customer requests a different shipping method) and each shipping price is given by the Post Office. After an inquiry is made about our items, we take that order to the Post Office and get two or three of the lowest shipping prices and give it to the customer.

Customer Service:

A big thing with us here at kthnx_buy is customer service. We try and make sure that the customer knows everything about the items they are buying, the shipping costs, and anything else that may be asked. We stay in contact with our customers throughout the ordering process and do follow ups to ensure that they have received their package and are happy with everything.

After receiving your order, we do ask that you please leave us feedback in our Feedback Post so that potential customers are assured that they will be receiving great customer service and quality products.

Serious buyers only please!

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