Free manga

So, here at kthnx_buy we've decided to do a "Free Manga" kind of thing. If you buy 4 manga, we'll send you a 5th manga free. We're trying to clear out these books from our shelves, especially since one of us is in the process of moving, so take advantage of this! Check out the manga in our previous manga post and leave a comment or e-mail us at and we'll get your order set up or answer any questions.

Message to Customers, Updated Manga List, and New Items!

We just wanted to update everyone with our new e-mail address. You can now get ahold of us at for any questions or concerns that you may have.

We've retaken pictures of our manga and added a bunch of books to the list. So check it out and leave us a comment if you're interested. As always, all manga is $5.

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Here are the three new items! Two of them are CLAMP so you know they're going to be awesome!
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Sailor Moon Stuff!

We've decided to post a few Sailor Moon items. Take a look.

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I would just like to inform everyone who has ordered from us or has contacted us about orders recently that we need you to direct your e-mails to our LiveJournal account for now. We cannot log into our e-mail account and cannot get a hold of any customers because of this. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

Free DVD Offer! Plus new Sailor Moon S Complete Season DVD!

We have two new anime sets plus some previously posted sets for you guys to choose from and a new "promotion". If you purchase any of these DVD sets under the cut, you will get to choose from a DVD for free! If you purchase more than one set, you can choose two free DVD's.

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If the free DVD offer goes well, we may end up just doing it more often.
Remember, if you have any questions, just ask us! You can ask in the comment section or e-mail us at:

Helping Someone Out!

I've recently purchased a few manga from someone on craigslist and I told her that I'd put links on here for her items. She's really great, stays in communication, and answers any questions asked. She has manga for sale and I'm going to post the link so that you all can check out her stuff.

This is the link for manga:

She has the complete set of manga for Pretear, complete set of Imadoki, and much more. She's selling all the manga here for only $35! That is a good deal! You can also buy seperately!

Check her stuff out and get it before someone else does!

Stuff for Sale!

We decided to get rid of all the other entries and put all of our items in to one post. So for now what we have will be in this post and when we get new items we'll put them in new posts. If you see items posted more than once, we have doubles of it.

If you're interested in anything here, you can leave a comment of what you want with your email and zip code and we'll respond with shipping prices and totals. You can also just email us at with what you want, too.

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[Edit]: If you're looking for manga, they have been moved to a more recent entry with new pictures.

Hello all and welcome to kthnx_buy!

After years of expanding our anime and manga collections and realizing that maybe we had too much, we decided to sell many of the books and DVDs in our collections. There are two of us here selling our stuff and we hope that everyone can find something they like. Our manga and anime range in genre, from popular to lesser known. The items posted here are all in great condition. Many of the items look as though they were purchased from the store and never read.


We ship through USPS (unless a customer requests a different shipping method) and each shipping price is given by the Post Office. After an inquiry is made about our items, we take that order to the Post Office and get two or three of the lowest shipping prices and give it to the customer.

Customer Service:

A big thing with us here at kthnx_buy is customer service. We try and make sure that the customer knows everything about the items they are buying, the shipping costs, and anything else that may be asked. We stay in contact with our customers throughout the ordering process and do follow ups to ensure that they have received their package and are happy with everything.

After receiving your order, we do ask that you please leave us feedback in our Feedback Post so that potential customers are assured that they will be receiving great customer service and quality products.

Serious buyers only please!